How To Tell If Someone Is Flirting Or Just Being Friendly

Dating can be confusing. You are never sure whether or not the person you are interested in is interested in you. Unless they make it pretty obvious of course. One of the confusing areas has to be flirting. For some flirting doesn’t come naturally. Not only this, but it may be tricky to understand other people’s flirting techniques too.

This could lead to some confusion between someone who is flirting with you, or someone who is just being friendly.

So, how can you tell the difference? What are the signs that someone is being friendly or that they want to be more than that?

How is their eye contact?

As a general rule, someone who is flirting with you is likely to maintain eye contact. Of course, this isn’t always the case and some people do find it hard to maintain eye contact, but the eyes can really hold the key to whether or not someone is romantically interested in you.

Flirt with them and see if they will flirt back

A great way to test the water with someone to see if they are flirting with you is to try out your best flirting skills with them. Try to make it obvious as to what you are doing, after all, they could be just as bad as you at picking up on the signs. If they flirt back, then it is all systems go!

Body language is key

Our bodies say a lot about the way they are feeling without us even knowing. This is particularly true for flirting. Women are likely to play with their hair, lick their lips or blush when they are interested in someone, which means that these are great signs to look out for.

How are they with other people?

If you are in a public space, or with other people, check out how the person interacts with other people than you. If they are treating them the same way as you, then they may just be a naturally flirty person. However, if their interactions change, then they may only have eyes for you.

Drop into conversation something that hints at flirting

When you feel comfortable that you are getting some of the flirting signs, then you may want to drop into the conversation a flirty comment or statement that will make sure that the other person knows your intentions, and you can be sure of theirs. This doesn’t have to be something hugely obvious, but if you get the response that you want from them, then they are definitely flirting.

Flirting is a great thrill, it is usually the start of something and makes you feel great. However, not only is it key to brush up on your own flirting skills, but you also need to learn more about how other people may flirt with you in turn. They might be into you for romance, or they might just be after some sex with no strings; and you will be able to tell overtime with experience.

Once you know this, then you are ready to get dating and see who you can find!

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The pros and cons of having multiple partners

Most of us are happy with just the one partner… well at least we say we are but in reality a lot of us fantasise about having more than one person to be with. It is part of our nature, we can’t help it. The grass is always greener on the other side. Basically this means that we often desire what we don’t have. Sure we have that perfect girlfriend or boyfriend; but other people look good too. But as much as it is a fantasy, the reality of having multiple partners can become a little hectic. Can we really handle too much goodness?

Pro – diversity

Having multiple partners means diversity. You can decide to spend time with one person one day, and sleep with the other the next day. Some people like blonds, other like brunettes; but why not have it all? Okay that might be a little bit much but you get the idea. Diversity means different characters, different bodies and different fun. Some people are great at doing certain things in bed whilst others will have different tricks in their pockets. Having that choice can be a great thing, and it will certainly give you some fond memories for the years to come.

Con – a lot of people to please

This might not sound like a bad thing at all, but think about it this way: you know that it is hard just to please the one person. It takes time and effort; so imagine having to please multiple people? You have a lot of hard work on your hands, and you might actually end up running around like haywire. You don’t want to neglect anyone neither, so the thing to ask yourself is the following: can you really handle it? You love life might well start taking too much of your time; and you might end up overwhelmed with too much to do and too many people to please.

Pro – plenty of fun

Some people feel stuck in a relationship, but having multiple partners means you don’t have to commit too much. It is assumed at this point that your partners are as free-spirited as you are; and that there is no exclusivity involved. You don’t owe anyone anything as long as you treat them well when you see them. Spend one mad week in bed with one person after you meet them on a naughty dating site like localbangs/sex-tonight, travel the next week with the other; there is a lot of fun to be had here. For some people, life doesn’t get any better.

Con – jealousy

The thing about being free-spirited is that it is not always as straight as it sounds. We all develop feelings even with the people we just have sex with; it is a fact of life. You could easily fall in love with one or more of your partners; and they might feel the same about you. This could lead to a lot of jealousy happening; with a lot of arguments soon to follow. Ultimately, you might be in for some fun but you could end up having your heart broken.

There are more aspects of having multiple partners that have positive and negative ones, which brings us to our conclusion. Most things in life act like a double sided mirror; where there is fun there is also sadness. The best thing to do perhaps is not to have too many partners at one time; which can work out better not only for you but also for your partners. Just use a bit of moderation, don’t do excess too much and you should be able to handle all those partners without seing the negative side of it.

These Are The Rewards of a Loving Relationship

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read this.

What I have discovered that could help many relationships out there is to constantly build my relationships. This isn’t just with my lover although she benefits the most. Because we get to spend so much time together we have found it ever so important to not only relax with each other but to also go on adventures, with and without the kids. We love them ever so much but as a couple we have taken time for just one another, to give each other the kind of love only couples can.

The greatest successes I have seen in other couples is that they are striving to spend as much time together as possible. Life is busy enough without taking time for those that you love most. I urge you the next moment you get to pick up and hug your loved one just stand there for a full minute or two. Do this daily and your relationships with those loved ones will improve dramatically.

Human touch is of great importance. Some people are more sensitive than others. The energies that are exchanged when you are close with another human are quite remarkable. In this day and age there have been such improvements in technology that those energies are beginning to be measured. Now we as a human race can really get a grasp on what energy is like within humans. We are getting closer and closer to being able to measure even that essence that makes humans be here.

I want you to understand. This is not just a metaphysical where only a few feel. There are more and more humans becoming more sensitive to energy. We can use this with one another to improve our relationships. Simply look into eyes and open your feelings. Even at eye sight a person gets a funny little feeling whether you connect with certain people or that you want to stay away from certain people.

A lot of this has to do with vibrations and whether those vibrations are positive or negative. A positive person does not want to be around a negative person. Although there can sometimes be an attraction there as well. Have you ever noticed how same and yet different you are from your closest person?

To improve your relationships, get in tune with each other. The other night I was lying my head on my wife’s chest and just listened to her heart beat. While lying there in the quiet our breath became in sync and we just felt one another. It was simply an exchange of energy that I have found vital in relationships.

Growing closer yields many rewards and I really hope that you take the time with your loved one to begin getting more in sync with each other. This can be going on hikes. Go to a bar or dance at a club. Learn something new together. Go sky diving. Do something that challenges you both and work with one another to complete great tasks. The rewards are unending when it comes to having a great relationship from little smiles to naughty whispers to even more fun. Take care of your lover.

You Should Know This – 4 Ways a Fountain Pen Can Make You a Better Lover

Have you ever laid eyes on a fountain pen? They’re truly beautiful objects but not very common anymore. Just like good lovers, fountain pens are rare things.

Before plain, disposable ballpoint pens became a dime a dozen, these beauties were courted and treasured by men and women alike. Why not return to that elegant and romantic period, when a passionate, monogamous relationship with a beautiful pen was commonplace?

Let your pen set you apart as a person of taste and refinement, and it will reward you with a whole new level of magnetism. Here are four ways a fountain pen can make you a sexier human being.

Express yourself.

All of you. Your wild romantic longings come onto the page as quickly and as easily as they come to mind.

One of the great advantages of a fountain pen is the how smoothly it writes. The nib requires very little pressure to release the ink, and if you adopt an elegant cursive style, your fingers can work effortlessly for hours. This means your passionate billet-doux or your erotic poem can continue just as long as your ardor and imagination do.

Display your sensuality.

Reading your letters and catching glimpses of you expressively writing will send a signal to your beloved that you are meticulous with your hands, your eyes, and your mind.

This is why we so often find artists attractive–they’re in tune with their senses. Drawing each individual letter and arranging words on the page is a beautiful art all its own. You could copy “Hey Diddle, Diddle” with a fountain pen, and it would be seductive as hell!

Give all of yourself.

Text messages and emails have no trace of human life-no crooked lines or loops written hastily in a stolen moment, no ink smudges from the warm hand that so desperately wants to touch.

Giving your lover a letter or note, beautifully executed by your own hand is like handing them a big hot slice of your heart. And a sincere attempt to connect increases intimacy, putting you in a position to reap generous rewards.

Pass the love on.

What’s the ultimate proof of good love? Sending more love out into the world.

If your partner finds your inky ways entirely irresistible, your passion could very well lead to procreation. And if that’s the case, you’ll have a beautiful, timeless object to pass down and write love notes for generations to come.

No pen? No problem.

If you aren’t lucky enough to get your hands around one of these delightful pens, you could always appeal to more primitive side of your beloved. Obtaining a simple quill requires only that you pluck a feather from a goose’s caboose. But, please, for the sake of your love life, banish the Bic pen.

Best Tips For you – If You Are In Love Then Go Ahead and Propose

Love is an amazing feeling. When you are in love only then you can understand how it feels. Sometimes you don’t even notice when it happens. If you are a boy and you love a girl in your friend circle, then you will realize it when her parents ask you to look for a perfect guy to marry her. If you are a girl and love a boy in your friend circle, you might realize it when he asks you to help him propose another girl. Everyone feels infatuation for their seniors, colleagues, neighbours, friends and celebrities, but that feeling is not true love. True love lasts forever and happens very silently, blossoms in your heart when you are least aware.

First understand that what you are feeling is really true love and not attraction or infatuation. Understand that you are lucky to have fallen in love, it’s a beautiful feeling. Once you are sure of your feelings then don’t hesitate to propose. It is wisely said that “we only regret the chances that we don’t take in life”. Take a chance; you never know you might be reciprocated with the same feelings. Once you are sure of your feelings go ahead and propose earnestly. Propose your love in a beautiful way.

Once you realize that you are in love, then your heart aches to tell the love of your life how you feel. You worry a lot about how to convey your message of love, how will the other person react on learning about your feelings and what does the other person feel for you. Anxiety and fear creep in. Should you risk losing the existing relationship by proposing or hide your feelings, this will be the question in your mind. All sorts of relationship equations will flash in your mind. When you are in love and not sure about the feelings of other person for you, be calm and spend some time alone.

Proposing someone is not easy so be ready to accept the answer. When you propose someone to become your love partner, you may get a Yes or a No or Maybe as an answer. Do not think much about the response that you will get, stay focused on what you want to convey. Propose with loving words and a bunch of beautiful flowers. Flowers are magical; they charm both men and women.

If you get “Yes” as an answer to your proposal, you will be on cloud nine. Enjoy the new relationship, the new bonding. Definitely this new relationship is different from the one that you were already in, with the same person. Be happy and have great time with your partner.

But if it’s “No” or “May Be” then you have to act with maturity. Listen what the other person has to say and understand his/her feelings. Be patient and calm, you will feel bad and dejected, but don’t give up. Give the other person some more time to think. Sometimes the feelings are not there yet, but you have sown a seed of love, it might grow sooner or later. Even after some time if you don’t see the love blossoming then also don’t be disheartened. You should move on in your life. Though it’s hard to let go off someone you love but surely you will be fine.

You will fall in love again. The world is full of lovely people made for each other. You will definitely find someone again who is exclusively for you, and then go ahead and propose!

You Should Try This – Live Like You’re Loved

Through the trials and snares and difficulties of life, when much of the time we might feel beaten down, there is an urgency in the heart, the soul desperate for God’s help, searching for a way to overcome the burden.

The heaviest burden is that of being unloved and, multitudes worse, unlovable.

Many would brashly say they never feel unloved or unlovable. Truth is we’ve felt those emotions; of abandonment; whether initiated in childhood or adulthood. Why is it that the Bible goes to great pains to say God never leaves us nor forsakes us? God knows how susceptible we are.

It’s okay. It has to be okay. It’s just the way it is.

Today is the day the LORD has made (Psalm 118:24). And today, each day, with great intention, we have the opportunity, afresh, to live like we’re loved. This is the choice to allow the truth to form up, move, and find its true home: within, dearly loved.

The truth of God’s inimitable love is known with assurance by faith; the strongest of knowledges. Nothing can rock an understanding of God bequeathing us life, in our unique bodies, replete with mind and soul and spirit, to be me and you, for the entirety of our days – and then, e t e r n I t y.

The fact of death is one proof of God’s love, that He would want us back, face-to-face with Himself, so we’re able to enjoy Him all the more; us, His beloved.

When we live like we’re loved, joy, peace, and hope are embodied within, and a humble confidence exudes our being, to live like a human being was always meant to.

When we live like we’re loved, because we’re not simply liked, God gives us love’s purpose to live that our souls ever crave.

When we live like we’re loved, God gives us love’s purpose to live, and finally our soul is content.

We will never be truly happy until we feel safe in our relationship with God. Then we live like we’re loved.

To live like we’re loved is today’s opportunity; to live in the truth like the best thing happened, because it has.

Living like we’re loved is agreeing with the narrative of God’s story. It’s not simply an opportunity, it becomes the only obligation instituted by grace, to trust and obey.

Living like we’re loved is like living for the very first time, because love is living.

Acknowledgement to Hawk Nelson’s song by the same name.

When We Are Talk About Love, It’s Means We Are Both Talk About Safety

What language does love speak?
By what values is love defined?
Love’s values are found in being meek.
Love speaks a language that’s kind.

Self-sacrifice for others,
Is nothing about needing to be needed,
It’s about giving ourselves for our sisters and brothers,
That’s how God’s Word is heeded.

Men especially, but women too,
Lead their own by humility,
Giving the love that’s due,
Is about ending all hostility.

As a man, like so many men, I’ve so often failed the very standard I’m discussing here, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for it. Our women – our wives, mothers and daughters – need our love to be spoken in the language of safety, of trustworthiness, of being meek enough to sacrifice ourselves.

Such safety is a refuge for the vulnerable; an exemplification of God’s safe love. But it’s not only our women who need it – or us men needing something of it from our women, though we ought to outdo each other, men for women, women for men, in the doing of our love.

It’s our kids that need it, first and foremost.

If us men can love our women – our wives, mothers and daughters – then there’s a massive positive impact for our sons’ lives, too. Is there a more significant legacy to leave our sons than teaching them to respect girls and women?

Love must come first. Before rules. Before discipline. Before ‘parenting’. If love comes first the apt requisite for rules and discipline and parenting is set.

Safety means declaring a war by peace on all hostility. It’s a making of progress by the powers of love that overcome all fear and division because love never fails.

Did You Know Relation Between Forgiveness and the Purpose of Life?

My earliest experiences of profound forgiveness came easily, because I saw my fault, but some of my latter experiences have been harder. They haven’t been harder because I was less to blame than other parties were. They’ve been harder because that’s the purpose of life: sanctification increases in difficulty the more we surrender dutifully before God.

Yes, that’s right. The more obedient we are, the more we’re attentive to discerning and doing God’s will, the deeper we’re taken in our unique cross-ward journey. No matter what or how much we suffer, we’ll still fall far short of Jesus’ suffering for us on the cross.

“They who wrestle with us strengthen our nerve, and sharpen our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.”
– Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Now in swings the purpose; of forgiveness, as a process for learning. It’s operant engagement with humility, because we cannot learn if we’re not humble, and humility must come through subjugated pride – a very hard thing if we make a big thing of it, but an easy thing to do one decision of the will at a time.

The person we must forgive (get this: biblically, there is no option), or the situation we must reconcile (because it will drive our peace and joy away otherwise) is there to strengthen our nerve. For, without it we’ll go soft, and learn nothing. That’s not the Christian journey.

Those very things that are against us are the things God has allowed to be there. Only the difficult thing – like forgiveness – is sufficiently worthy of the purpose of life, because purpose must take us deep or it feels meaningless.

Here is my favourite quote on the topic; a truth that early church Father, John Chrysostom (347-407) propounded when exegeting Romans 8:37:

“Yet those that be against us, so far are they from thwarting us at all, that even without their will they become to us causes of crowns, and procurers of countless blessings, in that God’s wisdom turns their plots unto our salvation and glory. See how really no one is against us!”

The more someone is against us, the more God is for us through the grace of His Presence when we’re meek. Accepting the harmful overture is something that an enemy cannot reconcile. Victory is in the humble acceptance that what is, is. This humble meekness throws everyone off guard because it vanquishes the evil power they’ve deployed. Having a genuine heart of forgiveness and acceptance makes all the difference.

When life is particularly difficult we have even more access to God’s all-sufficient grace as we accept the hardship. Forgiveness in this context is central to the purpose of life, which is to learn and develop and grow and mature.

Let’s consider it a privilege when we’re exposed to conflict that causes us to need to forgive. The need to forgive causes us to stretch and mature, giving us a grand purpose.

Only as we wrestle with what feels impossible, forgiveness, do we learn something invaluable about life. God gave us the impossible to overcome, by our faith and His power.

In This Way, You Can Recognize the Symptoms of Obsessive Love Disorder

Love is a wonderful feeling, and the start of a relationship is such an exciting time of getting to know one another, mixed with the feeling of not being able to get enough of each other.

Wanting to spend time together is completely normal, but in a healthy relationship both parties need to be able to function and be happy, without having to be joined at the hip. When you become reliant on the other person for your own happiness, the situation starts to transform from a healthy love – to an obsessive love.

This obsession can present itself in many ways, and sometimes we may not be aware of it straight away.

  • Do you get jealous of your partner spending time with other people, when they could be spending time with you?
  • When you aren’t together, do you feel compelled to know exactly where they are, and who they are with?
  • Are you incapable of being happy or living a functional life when they aren’t around?
  • Have you ever accused your partner of infidelity with no evidence or reason, besides your own insecurity?
  • Do you live in a constant fear that the relationship is going to end?

These are classic feelings of anxiety and insecurity that manifest within people suffering from Obsessive Love Disorder. However, it’s not only when you are in a relationship that this disorder can be a problem.

Breakups are a painful part of life for everyone. It’s like a grieving process that we have to go through to heal, and move on. People who suffer from Obsessive Love Disorder struggle with letting go, and instead of accepting the fact the relationship is over, they obsess about getting the relationship back and truly believe that this person is their sole reason for living, and that life can’t go on without them.

  • Are you in denial about a breakup?
  • Do you constantly monitor your ex’s social media profiles to see changes to their status, profile picture or friends list?
  • Have you ever driven by your ex’s home, workplace or known hangouts just to see where they are and who they are with?

There can be many causes of Obsessive Love Disorder, with most of them stemming from childhood experiences of abuse, abandonment or feeling unworthy of love. Lack of self-esteem is a big contributor to the feelings of insecurity and dependency.

Whatever the underlying issue is, it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Hypnosis, Life Coaching and NLP can have a huge impact on those negative emotions by allowing you to discover your true self-worth, while changing your destructive behaviors and beliefs.

Have you ever experienced any symptoms of Obsessive Love Disorder? How did you deal with it?


The Words You Always Said – Nothing Else Matters”

“Trust I seek and I find in you,
Every day for us something new,
Open mind for a different view,
And nothing else matters.”
– Metallica, Nothing Else Matters

The vision of relational intimacy takes us into the nether land of commitment, to the point that, in the context of the relationship, nothing else matters. Under all conditions, including duress and impediment, commitment never fails.

This works in all manifestations of relationship: with God, with others (including with a special other), and us, with ourselves.

As we trust in our seeking the other, as they seek us through their trust, we find… we always find. We always find what we’re looking for when we seek in the commitment of trust, for like love, trust never fails – where, like with love that never fails, we never stop trusting.

For such a relationship as it is that has commitment, where nothing else matters, every day holds, for us, something new, where minds are open for a different view.
Intimacy comes when we’re close no matter how far we are away from each other. Even when we feel far from God, He’s so close. It’s the same with a dear friend all the way across the other side of the world. Oceans may separate, but when it comes to love, nothing else matters.

As far as intimacy is concerned, we’re closest to ourselves when we’re lonely; when we have to crave God, and when we’re ready to dig deeply into concepts of intimacy through our vulnerability – which is the courage to risk for love. And in all this, because nothing else matters than our relationships of love, we’ll do anything to connect; so good we live in an age where the practicalities of connection have never been more accessible.

The best of relationships happens when commitment says, “Nothing else matters.” It’s wonderful, we’re beckoned into such a relationship with God, where intimacy grows and may reign.

What we crave most of all is connection where beyond love nothing else matters.