Things Every Man Should Stop Doing After 30

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Playing Video Games All the Time

There are video games for different consumers. This can be attributed to the explosion of publishers of small indie and phone games. What’s more, video games are now accepted in the society. Thus, nobody will criticize you just because you played a video game on your Smartphone somewhere in public. However, when you spend 48 hours in front of a computer playing video games yet you are aged 30+ years, something is definitely wrong with you. That’s because you won’t make progress in life if all you do is play video games.

Residing in a Dorm

By the time you hit 30, you are expected to have developed a sense of style and taste. This should be reflected by the choices you make in life. So, if you are surrounded by five-dollar furniture and beer posters, something is wrong. At this time, work towards keeping things neat and making a mature adult’s impression.

Binge Drinking

Nobody says that you should quit drinking when you hit 30. After all, moderate drinking is not wrong. And, you may find yourself in an awkward situation if you stop drinking. However, there is a point in life when heavy alcohol consumption on regular basis becomes a chronic illness. If you are 30 and you haven’t given this a thought, you should be worried.

These are some of the things that every man should stop doing after 30. If you are past 30 and still doing some of them, consider quitting them if you want to achieve self-improvement goals.   

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